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If you are wondering whether ADHD treatment without medication is really possible, you should consider the following facts. Research at the University of Buffalo has shown that the effects of these ADHD psychostimulant meds wear off after three years and that the only advantage they will have is that they can relieve and even mask symptoms.
This is not to say that some benefits can be gained from these meds, but we need to be much more aware of their limitations and what alternatives are on offer.

I was really shocked to find that when I did a search on Google for ‘Ritalin deaths’, there were 7,500 results! That was when I really thought enough was enough and it was really time to consider less drastic alternatives. Then I started wondering about whether ADHD treatment without medication was really possible. Hence this article.

It is fascinating to read about the research done at theUniversity of Illinois(reported in Journal of Attention Disorders)on how green time and time spent outdoors can benefit children with ADHD. The researchers found that those children who hada twenty-minute walk in natural surroundings were capable of a longer attention spans than when they were taken for a twenty-minute tour of a shopping mall.

Was fascinated to read about the University of Buffalo’s Summer Treatment Program For ADHD Children, led by the world ADHD expert Dr. William Pelham. This treats children with ADHD by means of an intensive behavioral program, regardless of whether they are on medication or not.

The title of this article says it all. “ADHD Treatment Without Medication”. The researchers in this project, Faber Taylor and Kuo founds that the children were not on medication during their walks in nature. They founds that the kids were getting the same benefits and advantages than when they were actually on the meds. This is a excellent example of ADHD treatment without medication adult although there is no reliable evidence or research to show how long this effect might last.

If you read the book called’Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder’ by Richard Louv, you will find some disturbing examples abuts how our children are losing contact with nature. They are always indoors and if they go outdoors, it is usually in an urban setting, such as a residential area or worse still, a shopping mall. ADHD treatment without medication uk or treating ADHD without medication reddit.

I The results have been remarkable and the program is now repeated in many US cities such as Cleveland, Birmingham and New York. The program consists of teaching social skills, coping and organizational skills and also learning skills. This is all done through playing and recreation and classroom activities. The children always have a great time as they enjoy all the activities.

But what about the results? Was ADHD treatment without medication adults really possible? The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) actually surveyed the kids on the program. They found that when they had been given the behavioral therapy before being medicated, they needed much less medication. For those kids already on medication, the doses are reduced by half when on the program and sometimes the children do not need the medication at all and can easily do without it! ADHD inattentive type treatment without medication uk.

The other amazing results from this experiment showed that those on much less medication did not show some of the side effects such as stunted growth and/or loss of appetite. They also found that children who were treated with just the ADHD drugs and without any of the behavior therapy, actually grew by one centimetre less every year.

They also found that children on behavior modification just did not have any of these problems at all.
1.University of London research drugless ADHD treatment
2. University of London research ADHD therapy
3. Drug-free researched ADHD therapy
4. Researched ADHD therapy

When you read the reviews about this book, there is an overwhelming call for action to redress the balance and to unplug our children. There is far too much TV and computing. One reviewer remarked that while the TV can entertain, it can never engage the child. It may be a useful babysitter at times but it cannot connect. ADHD treatment for child without medication.

You could also search for specific doctors recommendations.
For example search for “Doctor Rita Chavez ADHD”. Describing one therapy, she said:
The most interesting statistic for me comes from the fact that 66% of those kids who did this training had no need of medication at all after two years. The effects were thus permanent and were really giving them the life skills they needed.

Search on the Internet for other doctor comments. So treating ADD without medication is possible. Now ADHD treated without medication is a rather complicated area but I do feel though that we are not giving enough consideration to things likes nature, diet, sports, effective parenting and organization of the home.

If these were given more attention than there would certainly be less demand for powerful mind altering drugs. Who wants a zombie kid plugged into a computer or video game who cannot even communicate?
Finally… ADHD inattentive type treatment without medication is possible.

So ADHD treated without medication or with very little is really possible it seems, after looking at these results. There are other types of medication which have no side effects and long term health risks and they are a perfect combination with child behavior modification programs.

Now that you have read this far, why not take it a step further and check out my website about treating ADHD without medication adults.
Good luck in your search.

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